George Michael, Rock in Rio 2, Brasil

Throwback Thursday:  In January 1991 George Michael played Rock in Rio 2 in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, and I flew down to cover the show.  There is something really exciting about seeing 700,000 people singing, applauding, and going crazy.  It is what an agent lives for, one of the validations of working with great, engaging artists.

This was shortly after his second solo album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1” was released (and before he sued Sony).  George was trying to reposition himself as a serious artist after his tremendous success with Wham! and his first solo album, Faith.  George wouldn’t appear in any of the videos from the album, he wouldn’t allow his picture on the album cover; it seemed that he wouldn’t do much to promote it.    It was a great album, nonetheless.

I loved Rio, very Latin (especially compared with Buenos Aires), very alive.  Sugar Loaf and Corcovado were impressive.  While I was there, I was told that it wasn’t really safe to wander around on my own (which I normally like to do); allegedly someone from Prince‘s crew was stabbed on the beach in front of the hotel.


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