Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” album was a huge hit, and the accompanying video, was equally iconic.  As a young agent, I was involved in the booking of her “Physical” tour, and spent a lot of that year on the road covering ONJ shows.

There’s something really thrillingly excellent about being in the arena when the lights go down, and the fans start preparing (screaming) for the artist.  When the artist arrives on stage, it’s the greatest moment.  I learned a lot about representing big, popular clients through working with Olivia.

The coolest thing for me was that they were traveling by private jet.  That meant that they’d be based in a centrally located spot (e.g. Atlanta or Nashville or Dallas) for a week or so, and on the afternoons of shows, the touring party would hop in limousines to the airport.  The plane would take off when we got there, and we’d fly for about an hour to the next city, get limousines there, and then go to the backstage of the arena.  After the show, before the lights were even on in the arena, we’d be in the limos on our way to the airport, then flying back to the city we were based in.  Shecky, get the jet.  It was awesome.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 11.03.14 AM


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