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Joan Baez and Elvis Costello

Last week, I was at a benefit for pancreatic cancer research, organized by my former boss at Regency Artists, Triad Artists and Wiliam Morris Agency, Peter Grosslight.  It was a bit of a trip down memory lane, running in to a lot of concert promoters I’m particularly fond of like Jim Koplik, Melissa Miller Ormond, Larry Vallon, Rick Franks and Mark Campana, to name a few from my days as an agent.  I have really great memories of those days.  I also saw Larry Magid (fmr Electric Factory Concerts in Philadelphia) and Ron Delsener, New York concert impresario, both of whom tried unsuccessfully to get me fired because I was selling shows to their competitors.  No hard feelings, I did a lot of business with both after that.  Interestingly, Larry ended up buying the concert business of Stephen Starr, then his biggest competitor, now a successful restauranteur.  


One of the artists performing at the benefit was Joan Baez, an artist I worked with when I was an agent.  I remembered trying to convince her to sing some Elvis Costello songs.  At the time, Joan was looking to broaden her repertoire with some contemporary artists.  It seemed like a natural match to me that an artist like Joan, who was so closely aligned with Bob Dylan, master lyricist, would embrace another credible artist like Elvis Costello, another brilliant wordsmith. Unfortunately, I don’t believe Joan ever did sing any Elvis Costello songs; maybe because Linda Ronstadt had already done it, who knows.  I still think that Joan covering a song like “Pills and Soap,” or “Brilliant Mistake” would have been great.  It did get me thinking, who of today’s credible artists would be an interesting discovery for Joan Baez?